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Updated: May 31, 2023

Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning's aim is to change the world’s relationship with alcohol, one Sunday at a time. Whether that means abstaining, taking a break, or simply understanding how to have a healthy relationship with alcohol, they support you and your choice. The site includes resources and tips for cutting back on drinking, as well as information on Daybreak, their powerful support app to help you reset your drinking habits with a supportive online community and free health coaching.

Sober in the Country

Sober in the Country is a grassroots, rural not-for-profit creating conversations across rural Australia to ensure our mates know that it's always #OK2SAYNO to booze.

This Naked Mind

Bestselling Author of 'This Naked Mind' and 'The Alcohol Experiment', Annie Grace, provides great resources alongside her books on this site, including an excellent range of podcasts and youtube videos.


Australia’s leading organisation for male survivors of child sexual abuse and their supporters.

HumanKind Meditation

These guided meditations are designed to support wise and loving care (for self, others and the world).​

Sober Girl Society

The sisterly safe space for sober and sober curious women who are changing their relationship with alcohol.

Sober Girl Society on Instagram

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