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Updated: May 31, 2023

The GP Show - Alcohol Recovery and the Clean Slate Clinic with Dr Chris Davis and Flip Prior

Learn more about Clean Slate Clinic from Founder and GP Chris Davis, alongside Flip Prior who has given up alcohol thanks to the Clean Slate program.

Just a GP - Doing Outpatient Alcohol Detox with Chris Davis

Join the 'Just a GP' hosts as they explore with Clean Slate Clinic GP, Chris Davis, how to do an outpatient alcohol detox.

Flip Prior - ABC Life - 'A year off Drinking"

Clean Slate Clinic's own GP, Chris Davis, helped Flip Prior give up alcohol for good. Hear from Flip about her experience and her plans from here.

Take a Break from Drinking by Rachel Hart

"I was taught that everyone should be able to hold their liquor; and if you couldn’t, something was wrong with you. I didn’t feel like a normal drinker, but I also wasn’t an alcoholic. For years, I felt like I was in no man’s land with no idea how to figure this out."

Listen to Rachel Hart's podcast to start learning how habits work and gain a new perspective on your drinking.

William Porter - Alcohol explained

The definitive, ground breaking guides to alcohol, alcoholism and addiction.

Blog - This Naked Mind

Bestselling Author of 'This Naked Mind' and 'The Alcohol Experiment', Annie Grace, provides great resources alongside her books, with the blog being quite insightful.

Blog - Hello Sunday Morning

The site includes resources and tips for cutting back on drinking, as well as information on Daybreak, their powerful support app to help you reset your drinking habits with a supportive online community and free health coaching.

UntoxBlog - Untoxicated

Untoxicated is an alcohol-free social tribe with regular events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and peer support online. They also have a blog with contributions from the numerous Untoxicated members.

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