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Online counselling

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Counselling Online

Counselling Online is a free and confidential service that provides 24/7 support to people across Australia affected by alcohol or drug use.


Mantle is a specialist-one-on-one Telehealth Psychology Service, primarily for Men. Our Goal is to support Men to be better partners, fathers, sons, brothers, colleagues, and friends, and to improve Mental Health outcomes for Men. We do this by reducing the barriers to receiving professional and effective one-on-one Psychological support. Our team are experienced Psychologists only, and can help Men build and maintain positive Mental Health and performance, as well as supporting recovery from Mental ill-health/Illness.


Confidential alcohol & drug counselling and referral in Victoria.

Acon's Substance Support Counselling Service

ACON provides free telehealth (video or phone) counselling for any LGBTQ+ people living throughout NSW - including rural and regional areas - who want to reduce or stop their use of alcohol and other drugs. The service is also available for friends, family, partners who are concerned about their LGBTQ+ loved one’s alcohol and/or drug use. To access the service complete ACON's Intake Form. No mental health plans or GP referrals required.

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