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We are a healthcare social enterprise focused on helping Australians keen to detox from alcohol, safely from home.

Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of individuals struggling with alcohol dependence, and make withdrawal (detox) and recovery services accessible to every Australian who needs them, irrespective of postcode or socio-economic status. 

Our clinic is led by Dr Chris Davis, a global leader in General Practitioner alcohol withdrawal management. Working under his guidance are a team of highly trained alcohol detox nurses who provide the care you need to successfully detox from alcohol at home. 

Our service is currently available to:

  • Privately paying individuals

  • Individuals with BUPA Gold Cover

  • Residents of Western New South Wales, Western Queensland, Northern Sydney and Central & Eastern Sydney


We hope to be able to extend publicly funded access to other patients in the future.  We offer payment plans to assist with affordability - our monthly charge is typically less than clients were previously spending on alcohol.

As a social enterprise we exist to deliver a measurable social impact.  We derive most of our revenue from trading and commit to reinvesting a significant proportion of our profits in furthering our mission.

Meet the team

A photo of a smiling Chris Davis

Dr Chris Davis

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

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Chris Davis is a GP with a special interest in Drug & Alcohol services.  He established the Clean Slate Clinic in Sydney to provide in-person primary care alcohol withdrawal and recovery services, after successfully implementing the model in the UK.  Chris is a recognized expert in the field and is currently providing training to other GPs through the RACGP.

A photo of a smiling Pia Clinton-Tarestad

Pia Clinton-Tarestad

Co-Founder & CEO

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Pia Clinton-Tarestad is a health economist with over 20 years experience in service delivery, design and improvement in healthcare.  She has successfully managed and commissioned a range of specialist services, including complex mental health services, as well as providing consulting advice in Australia and the UK.  She was formerly the National Lead Partner for Healthcare at a Top Tier Consulting Firm.

A photo of a smiling Chris Raine

Chris Raine

Co-Founder & Director

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Chris Raine has a long-established expertise in the successful set-up and running of digital healthcare companies, and was the Founder and CEO of Hello Sunday Morning – an organisation that supports one of the largest online communities in the world focussed on alcohol behaviour change.

A black and white photo of Piotr Blaszczyk

Piotr Blaszczyk

Operations Manager

Peter has a keen interest in healthcare administration and brings strong management and customer service skills. He closely works with our clients to ensure that they have a smooth journey throughout the program, and he is available to help with any issues or queries. 

A photo of a smiling Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan


Jenny Ryan is a Registered Nurse with more than 30 years’ experience in the provision of community-based health care and the management and delivery of drug and alcohol treatment and mental health programs. Jenny has special interests in the promotion of health and wellbeing, and the support of people experiencing harms due to substance use through at home alcohol detoxification.

A photo of a smiling Lucinda Scopelliti

Lucinda Scopelliti


Lucy Scopelliti is a nurse practitioner who has worked over 20 years in the drug and alcohol field.  Her practice has been autonomous in both drug withdrawal inpatient and outpatient programs, consultation and management of patients including hospital and correctional settings.  Her expertise enables her to represent drug and alcohol nurses at a state and national level, and she is an executive member of the Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia (DANA).

Marion (Maz) Jarvis.jpg

Marion (Maz) Jarvis


Marion (Maz), is a dedicated individual  passionate about Alcohol and Drugs and mental health. With eight years of experience in this field and a nursing background spanning three decades, Marion is committed to guiding individuals toward becoming their best selves. Known for being nurturing, accepting, and motivated, Marion stands firmly by individuals on their journey to recovery, offering unwavering support.

Leona Djajadi.jpg

Leona Djajadi


Leona is a pain and addiction specialist nurse with a passion in holistic care. Based in Sydney, Leona loves spending her free time with her rescue dog and rabbit. 

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Linda Washburn 


Linda is a professional with extensive mental health expertise across Australia and abroad in both regional and rural settings. Linda brings over 16 years of experience in the Addiction field. Passionate about this area, she finds privilege in being part of individuals' transformative journeys. She actively fosters a non-judgmental and compassionate approach, embodying the values she advocates.

Catherine Smith.jpg

Catherine Smith


Catherine came to nursing later in life after caring for an ill family member. With a background in mental health, Catherine developed a growing passion for supporting people with alcohol and other drug concerns, and feels deep empathy for people who feel lost in their substance use - her professional mission is to support clients to understand that their substance use is not who they are and to remember they are a whole person with many other qualities that have meaning in their lives.

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Paige McKellar

Nurse Administrator

Meet Paige, a valued member of our team at Clean Slate Clinic. As the administrator, Paige oversees all administrative tasks and serves as the first point of contact for patients. Her attention to detail and organizational skills help manage appointments and maintain accurate patient records. Paige's friendly and professional demeanor ensures clients feel supported throughout their journey at Clean Slate Clinic.

Victor Gatto.jpeg

Victor Gatto

Tech Lead

Victor is our technology lead at Clean Slate Clinic and manages all aspects of our IT operations. With over a decade of experience in the field, Victor is responsible for integration, operation and security of all systems while also driving innovation through modern technology.

Fiona Faulkner.JPEG

Fiona Faulkner

Partnerships and Community

Fiona has extensive experience in the Alcohol and other Drug and Mental Health fields and is passionate about working with clients and communities to ensure those persons struggling with substance use have access to Clean Slate Clinic withdrawal and recovery support as part of their treatment and long-term recovery.

In her clinical work, Fiona uses a strengths-based approach applying principles and skills from ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and mindfulness.

Dr Ian Guinan.jpg

Dr Ian Guinan


Dr Ian Guinan is a UK trained GP with a long-standing special interest in helping people manage substance use. Having worked as a GP in both Community Primary Care and Addiction Medicine settings in both the UK and rural Australia, he moved to Tasmania in 2014. His obsessions include cinema, playing bass guitar and a love for Tasmania’s beautiful beaches.

Dr Eleanor Mclaren.jpg

Dr Eleanor Mclaren


Ellie is an Emergency Medicine Registrar who takes a holistic approach to patient care. She has a special interest in addiction medicine and has experience supporting patients with drug and alcohol concerns in both inpatient and outpatient withdrawal programs. Ellie is passionate about rural and remote medicine. She has worked with remote communities, particularly Aboriginal communities in emergency care settings across Australia.

Dr Paul Grinzi.jpg

Dr Paul Grinzi


Paul is a GP with a career long interest in addiction and substance use issues.  Paul is also a medical educator, assisting colleagues with their understanding of both general practice broadly, and alcohol and other drug issues.  Paul’s philosophy for supporting clients is underpinned by a belief that everyone should have access to care that is non-stigmatised and treats their health issue for what it is – a health issue, rather than something moralistic.

Dr Jac Strudwick-Day.jpg

Dr Jacqueline Strudwick-Day 


Jac is an Emergency Medicine Registrar from Sydney where she lives with her husband and child. She started her career as an emergency nurse in rural QLD before studying medicine at UWA in Perth in 2012. Jac enjoys working with patients from all walks of life struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and has experience in emergency, inpatient and outpatient settings. She loves being a doctor and offers a kind and caring approach when helping patients on their journey to recovery.

The team

Interested in home detox?

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