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Clean Slate Clinic now offers other treatments for individuals with dependence on other drugs

Addiction Medicine Specialist Assessment & Advice

We are able to offer  comprehensive assessment and advice for individuals with complex dependence issues with our Addiction Medicine Specialist.  This is an extended appointment (~1 hour) where our Addiction Specialist will complete a full assessment, review your history and goals, and provide tailored advice on treatment. 

The cost of the service is $620, of which usually $236.95 is claimable via Medicare if you have a GP referral.


Please note this does not include the writing of specialist reports for medicolegal or other compliance purposes.


Stimulant & Cannabis Withdrawal

We are now able to provide a stimulant withdrawal service for individuals with stimulant dependence (Ice, Speed, Ecstasy, Cocaine).  This follows broadly the same pathway as our alcohol withdrawal pathway, but will be highly tailored to individual needs.  Some clients will also require an additional period of intensive nursing support for sub-acute detox in the weeks immediately following detox, which has an additional cost to it.  You will agree with your clinical team whether this is required for you during the assessment phase of the program.

If you are struggling with stimulant dependence, and would like to know if you would be suitable for this service, you can take our stimulant suitability test here

If you are struggling with cannabis dependence, and would like to know if you would be suitable for this service, you can take our cannabis suitability test here


Price for  Assessment & Preparation 


Price for Detox and Recovery


Price for Sub-Acute Detox (when required)

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