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Clean Slate Clinic now offers other treatments for individuals with dependence on other drugs

Addiction Medicine Specialist Assessment & Advice

We are able to offer  comprehensive assessment and advice for individuals with complex dependence issues with our Addiction Medicine Specialist.  This is an extended appointment (~1 hour) where our Addiction Specialist will complete a full assessment, review your history and goals, and provide tailored advice on treatment. 

The cost of the service is $620, of which $236.95 is claimable via Medicare if you have a GP referral.


Please note this does not include the writing of specialist reports for medicolegal or other compliance purposes.


Stimulant Withdrawal

We are now able to provide a stimulant withdrawal service for individuals with stimulant dependence (Ice, Speed, Ecstasy, Cocaine).  There is not a standard withdrawal pathway for stimulants, as individual needs will vary, but it will routinely include:


Nursing Assessment – 2 nursing appointments to ensure you are mentally, socially and physically ready for detox: $250

Doctor Appointment – detox plan & prescribing: $299

Acute Detox – Daily nursing appointments and medications for the first week of detox, plus specialist oversight and review: $1,700

Sub-Acute Detox – Tailored nursing support for the next two weeks: Variable

Follow-up – Tailored program of follow-up based on your individual needs: Variable

If you are struggling with stimulant dependence, and would like to know if you would be suitable for this service, you can take our stimulant suitability test here

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