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Resources for GPs - Get to know the Clean Slate Clinic Program

Updated: Jul 3

The Clean Slate Clinic is designed by Dr Chris Davis – a full time GP with a special interest in alcohol and other drug treatment. He has been successfully delivering this evidence-based model from his GP clinics in London and Sydney for the past 10 years. The below resources will give you further insight into the Clean Slate Clinic Program. We intimately understand the pressures and time constraints that GP’s face, so aim to make this service as easily accessible to you as possible.

Webinar: Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy for Substance Dependence

Recorded 19th June 2024

Dr. Chris Davis and Dr. Paul Grinzi from Clean Slate Clinic explore the evidence for pharmacotherapy and how medications can support the treatment of substance dependence.

Webinar: A History of Addiction: Audience with Dr Carl Erik Fisher

Recorded 10th October 2023

Dr Carl Erik Fisher describes his personal and professional journeys to gaining a deeper understanding of addiction, and how we can learn from thousands of years of experience of this very human condition.

Webinar: Why Home Detox is the Gold Standard

Recorded 10th August 2023

Our Clinical Team explore different options for withdrawal and why home detox is the gold standard.

Substance Use and Comorbidities Webinar

Recorded 20th June 2023

Our Clinical Team address the management of comorbidities in Substance Use Disorder

Clean Slate Clinic Alcohol Detox FAQs Webinar

Recorded 1st Dec 2021

Our Clinical Team answer the Top FAQs about Home Alcohol Detox for Health Practitioners

Clean Slate Clinic: Telehealth Bush Detox Service

This recorded webinar provides an overview of the Clean Slate Clinic program, and challenges and opportunities in providing this service to regional and remote Australia.

Providing Treatment for Alcohol Problems in the General Practice Setting

Recorded 12 Oct 2021

With the recent update of the National Guidelines for the Treatment of Alcohol Problems, this webinar will provide an introduction on how best to deliver alcohol treatment effectively to patients in the general practice setting, based on the latest Guidelines evidence.

NSW PHN Webinar

A practical guide to alcohol home detox for GPs and further information about the telehealth model.

Alcohol and drug dependence remain major health and social problems in Australia, contributing significantly to the global burden of disease and the everyday practice of primary care. Primary care has a critical role to play in the support and management of individuals with mild to moderate alcohol disorder

Home Detox - Supporting patients to overcome alcohol addiction

Australian Prescriber 3 December 2018

Helping a patient through home alcohol detoxification has high patient satisfaction rates and is hugely rewarding for the GP.

The majority of dependent drinkers can detox safely and successfully at home and do not require hospital admission.

Daily review by a GP or nurse is important for at least the first four days.

Prescribing acamprosate, naltrexone or disulfiram is advised to maintain abstinence after detox but should only be used with ongoing support.

Ongoing psychosocial support is essential for recovery.

RACGP Webinar March 2019

A practical guide to alcohol home detox for GP's Alcohol and drug dependence remain major health and social problems in Australia, contributing significantly to the global burden of disease and the everyday practice of primary care. Following this webinar you will be able to more confidently assess patients who are using alcohol to determine their level of dependency and gauge their suitability for GP-led home withdrawal management (detox). You will be better able to explain the components of structured home detox as well and will better understand how to conduct a post detox review and develop effective recovery plans.

Clean Slate Clinic GP Flowchart

To see a flow chart of how we interact with you throughout your patient’s treatment with us, see our GP flowchart.

Alcohol Treatment Guidelines

These guidelines provide up-to-date, evidence-based information to clinicians on available treatments for people.

The Guidelines for the Treatment of Alcohol Problems have been periodically developed over the past 25 years. In order to ensure that guidelines remain relevant, the next set of guidelines should be updated in 2025, consistent with NHMRC recommendation that guidelines be updated every five years.

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