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The Clean Slate Clinic program is designed to help you detox from alcohol, safely from home.

Our Program includes 3 Stages

Stage 1: Preparation

Our clients are allocated a dedicated nurse, who will be with them throughout the program.  We send out a care package, including vitamins that need to be commenced prior to detox and work with individuals to prepare them for a safe and successful detox.  Typically clients will have two nursing consultations and an appointment with our doctor during this phase, and it takes around two weeks.


Stage 2: Detox

We provide a medically supervised detox at home, including prescription of medications where required (typically valium) to minimize any withdrawal symptoms, so that the detox is comfortable and clients have the best chance of successfully completing detox.  During this phase clients will see their dedicated nurse at least once daily.  

Stage 3: Recovery

We stay with our clients post detox for a full-year, to provide support and encouragement for clients to continue to successfully meet their alcohol goals.  (For some this is complete abstinence, for others moderation is an appropriate long-term goal).  Clients will have a post-detox review with one of our doctors, to agree the plan.  This may include prescription of anti-craving medication, to make it as easy as possible for clients to successfully meet their goals.  From there, clients will have ongoing access to their dedicated nurse, including scheduled follow-up appointments weekly initially, then less frequently, depending on individual needs.

Ready to take the first step?

To find out if you are eligible for home detox fill in the suitability questionnaire, then we'll be in touch to arrange your first appointment.

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Our service is currently available privately for all clients, and we have funded places available in Western New South Wales, Western Queensland, Central & Eastern and Northern Sydney, as well as for any BUPA members in QLD, NSW and VIC with full psychiatric cover.  We hope to be able to extend funded access to other patients in the future.

We offer a twelve-month pricing plan of $320 per month to spread costs out over 12 months, with the option to pay upfront and save more on our full program cost of $3500. - this is typically significantly less than what clients were previously spending each month on alcohol.


Price Assessment & Preparation 


Price for Detox and Recovery

Prices are inclusive of GST

Pricing info

Our Program is Expert Led

Our clinic is led by Dr Chris Davis, a global leader in General Practitioner alcohol withdrawal management. Working under his guidance are a team of highly trained alcohol detox nurses who provide the care you need to successfully detox from alcohol at home. 

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