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Not Drinking (Alcohol) Today on the rising trend of 'hidden drinking'

What to listen for

Megan Webb and Isabella Ferguson (Meg & Bella) are This Naked Mind certified alcohol recovery coaches who support clients looking to change their relationship with alcohol.

They are also the co-hosts of Not Drinking (Alcohol) Today - a podcast for those actively trying to drink less alcohol or just curious about sober life.

In this episode, Pia sits down with Meg & Bella to unpack their respective recovery journeys, discuss the rising trend of ‘hidden drinking,’ and how we can change our mindsets around socialising without alcohol.

You’ll also hear from Dr Chris Davis, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer at Clean Slate Clinic, for his clinical insights.

Key takeaways

  • 'This Naked Mind' method: Megan and Isabella champion Annie Grace's 'This Naked Mind' method as a non-judgmental and empowering approach to alcohol recovery, where the individual focuses on changing their beliefs and understanding the science behind alcohol and behavioural change.

  • The trend of 'hidden drinking': 'Hidden drinking' is a concerning trend among women in their late 30s to early 50s, and it's important to address the shame and confusion associated with it, particularly by understanding the connection between menopause and alcohol.

  • Reasons for 'hidden drinking': Women engage in secret drinking for various reasons, including venting frustration, seeking freedom and autonomy, and coping with perfectionism and societal pressures.

  • Taking the first step and practicing self-compassion: Initiating a confidential conversation with a trusted person is a crucial first step to eliminating the shame of 'hidden drinking'. If you're worried, it can be useful to imagine the roles being reversed and how you would respond to a friend in the same situation. The answer is typically with kindness and compassion.

  • Socialising without alcohol: Navigating social situations without alcohol may initially be challenging but can ultimately result in more authentic and enjoyable experiences. Planning ahead for events to establish boundaries and redefining your expectations of socialising with friends, can be beneficial in managing triggers.

Learn more

To find out more about the Not Drinking (Alcohol) Today podcast, head to their Website⁠ or Instagram⁠. Alternatively, you can connect with Megan or Isabella⁠ via their individual coaching websites.

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A reminder

Clean Slate Clinic is a regulated health service, but the Clean Slate podcast is an educational resource and not a substitute for professional health advice, treatment or assessment. If you are struggling with any of the issues raised in this podcast, please see a healthcare professional or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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