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Chris G on the destructive nature of corporate drinking culture

What to listen for

Chris' journey with substance dependence began like many others - seeking comfort and connection through alcohol use in his youth. Eventually it became a coping mechanism for anxiety, depression and the high-pressure culture of his career in financial services.


The COVID-19 pandemic was a tipping point, and Chris made the brave decision to seek treatment options through his doctor and ultimately the Clean Slate Clinic's program.


In this episode, Pia sits down with Chris to unpack his recovery journey and discuss the destructive nature of corporate drinking culture.


You’ll also hear from Dr Chris Davis, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer at Clean Slate Clinic, for his clinical insights.

Key takeaways

  • Corporate drinking cultures: Corporate cultures can contribute to mental health issues and alcohol use through the pressure to 'fit in' and the normalisation of heavy drinking through 'work hard, play hard' cultures.

  • The prevalence of co-occurring mental health conditions: Many people with substance dependence also have co-occurring mental health conditions. It's important to address both issues in treatment to identify the underlying causes of dependence.

  • Taking the first step: You don't have to commit to quitting alcohol forever to seek support and make changes now. Taking a break from alcohol simply allows you to learn how to navigate life without it. With a clear mind and support from others, you can plan for the future when you're ready.

  • Setting clear goals and plans for maintained recovery: Setting goals can support your recovery journey, such as taking a break from alcohol for a defined period, however, it's crucial to develop a plan for after reaching your goals to effectively prevent relapsing.

  • Overcoming relapse: Reintroducing alcohol after a period of sobriety can pose risks and result in a loss of control without the proper support. Following a relapse, feelings of regret, shame, and guilt are common, but seeking support and sharing your experience with others can provide the freedom and motivation to continue forward.

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A reminder

Clean Slate Clinic is a regulated health service, but the Clean Slate podcast is an educational resource and not a substitute for professional health advice, treatment or assessment. If you are struggling with any of the issues raised in this podcast, please see a healthcare professional or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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